Kathleen A. Pichola, Ph.D is a lifelong spiritual pilgrim and advocate for women, children and Mother Earth. All of her work is based on the belief that each of us has unique gifts to bring to this earth experience and that the world needs what each of us has to offer.  The world is especially hungry for the gifts that women have to offer…to balance the yin/yang energies in our world. Jungian Psychiatrist Dr. Shinoda Bolen says it like this,

“…Women as a gender–as a whole—not every woman but
women generally— have a wisdom that the world needs now.”

Kathleen strives to help women discover their gifts,  to listen to their inner wisdom and to bring their gifts into the world.


Kathleen has had forty plus years of experience as a professional teacher, facilitator and therapist. For fifteen years she worked in the public educational system as a teacher and guidance counselor. Most recently, for the past 25 years, Kathleen has had a private practice as a holistic therapist and group facilitator. Through her private practice, Kathleen has been a facilitator of personal growth groups and of staff trainings and retreats; a public speaker; a professional storyteller; an emcee; and an interfaith minister. She has organized events for nationally known speakers and storytellers who presented workshops and concerts to the mental health and artistic communities in Northeastern Ohio.  She has been a companion for families as they lost a loved one to cancer, and helped them to say goodbye and to create a meaningful memorial service, which she also officiated.  Kathleen has incorporated ritual, ceremony, empathy and a playful spirit in all of her work.


Kathleen uses her skills as a large and small group facilitator, empathic listener, interfaith minister, writer, storyteller
and “eclectic creative” to design programs, presentations, group experiences and products that touch the heart and
uplift the Spirit. She helps women connect to their inner wisdom and to others in a supportive, growth-filled, joyful way.

Academic Education…

A Bachelor’s Degree from Denison University;  majoring in English and Theater Arts.
A Master’s Degree from Ohio State University; majoring in Education and Counseling
During her Master’s Program, Kathleen studied progressive education in London,
England by volunteering in England’s informal classrooms.
A Ph.D Degree from The University of Akron; majoring in Counseling Psychology.

Experiential Learning…

…. trained for four years at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, with a concentration in Individual and Group Therapy.
….studied Energy Medicine with Vicki Mathews and Doug Moore
…..studied with Sarah Weiss through the Spiritheal Institute. Completed the Light Journey and Spiritual Leadership programs and was ordained as an Inner Light Minister.
….trained in Open Space Technology with Birgitt Williams and Harrison Owen.

 Professional Affiliations…

Akron Area Professional Psychologists (AAPP)
The C.J. Jung Educational Center of Cleveland
Gestalt Institute of Cleveland (GIC)
National Storytelling Network (NSN)
Ohio Order for the Preservation of Storytelling (OOPS)
Ohio Psychological Association (OPA)
Open Space Institute (OSI)
Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI)
Western Reserve Assoc. for the Preservation of Storytelling (WRAPPS)


Kathleen is a Counseling Psychologist, licensed in the State of Ohio
An interfaith minister with Inner Light Ministry, recognized by the State of Ohio.


Kathleen invites you to explore the Programs, Products and Resources on her website,
hoping that you will find exactly what you need to uplift your Spirit and make your heart sing.