About Us

About Light Works Wonders…

Light Works Wonders was launched in the Spring of 2012 as a way to bring moments of grace into hearts and homes through inspiring nature photographs. Light Works Wonders is a subsidiary of Lightworks Publishing, Inc. and consists of Creative and Managing Partner Kathleen A. Pichola, PhD and her husband, Photographer James B. Lewis, Jr.

About Kathleen Pichola, Creative and Managing Partner...

Kathleen is the impetus behind Light Works Wonders, building on her 30 years experience as a small business owner and her life long interest in creativity and beauty.  When she was a young woman, she created her own line of handmade cards, dubbed Katy Kards, which she gave out to family and friends. Also, much to her dad’s dismay, her first job upon graduating from Denison University as an English Major was in a local flower shop.  Her nine month stint learning to arrange flowers taught her much about three dimensional design, besides making her deliriously happy.  She continues to use her floral skills for gatherings with family and friends. The design principles she learned working with flowers carry over into many other art forms, including the notecards and prints which she is creating with her husband’s photos.


About Jim Lewis, Photographer…

Jim has been interested in photography ever since he was a boy with a Brownie Camera. Since he retired several years ago, he has focused on expanding his skill behind a camera by devoting many hour taking photographs. He then spends many hours in front of his computer reading blogs, watching instructional videos and in computer classes learning how to enhance the images for maximum effect.  In addition to photography, Jim loves freestyle canoeing, music and movies of all kinds, visiting with friends and hiking with Kathleen and their dog Maggie.

Jim uses a Canon EOS 5D MK II camera and a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS II USM zoom lens with a Canon EF 2x III extender. In order to capture more intimate images, he occasionally rents a Canon EF 300 mm f/2.8 L IS USM lens and various teleconverters from Dodd’s Camera in Downtown Cleveland. He has an IMAC desktop computer with a 27 inch screen and he uses the Aperture program to edit his photos.

 About our process…

Jim takes hundreds of photos in the Metro Parks, Cuyahoga Valley National Park and our own backyard. Like a kid on Christmas morning, he downloads them into his computer and opens the digital files to view what surprises Mother Nature has given him this day. He is ruthless in deleting those that are less than satisfactory to his trained eye. Using the tools in Aperture, he edits the images for maximum beauty.

At this point, Jim shows me the day’s bounty. Some jump out at me for their detail, their uniqueness, and nature’s secrets revealed. I choose the images that speak to my heart and Jim tells me what sized print will work.

I download the new images and search for quotes from literature, sacred texts, folk lore and popular culture that express the poetry of the picture. My graphic designer works with technicalities like bleed. We send them to the printer then upload them to the store (See Store tab) on this website. I also sell the products through local art shows, galleries and gift shops.
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We are having great fun as a creative team–first experiencing nature in new ways and then, in creating beautiful vehicles to bring that same awesomeness into your heart and home.

Our Wish…

We hope that you will experience a greater appreciation for Mother Nature through these images. We hope, when buying or viewing or gifting these images, that you will experience a moment of awe amidst the messy busyness of life.

This video was a collaborative effort between Elaine Marsh, co-founder of Friends of the Crooked River and Jim Lewis,Photographer.  Elaine created this video to showduring a speech she presented for the League of Women Voters in 2012? Not all of the photos are Jim's but many of the birds and landscape shots are...it will give you a feel for his artistry.