Individual Counseling and Group Counseling

Kathleen is available for one on one sessions my appointment. Kathleen uses open hearted listening, guided imagery, tapping , energy medicine and other expressive art therapies to help the client grow into their fullest selves. Most sessions are 60 to 90 minutes.                                                                                                               Groups provide so many wonderful ways for people to support each other and grow. Kathleen has led women's groups, recovery groups and bereavement groups.    Call for more information about upcoming groups or if you would like to create a group.

Workshops, Retreats, Group Facilitation

Kathleen is available to organize and/or facilitate spirit-filled events to meet the needs of your organization. Kathleen’s gatherings are designed for fun, interaction and meaningful connections between and among the participants. They will entertain, enliven and enlighten the souls of those who attend.  Call for more information or to discuss your event needs.

Creative Midwife

Kathleen combines her clinical skills and spiritual understanding to help people manifest the creative projects that are crying from within to be born into the world. Through this process, she has helped authors self publish books and created posters and notecards with her husband's photographs. Kathleen is available to help you create your vision.

Ceremony Celebrant

Kathleen is licensed in the state of Ohio to perform marriages through Inner Light Ministry. Kathleen has worked with families to create and celebrate weddings, memorial services, 25th and 50th anniversaries and rights of passage of all kinds. Call to discuss your ceremony desires.  Click here to read a testimonial for a Memorial Service in which Kathleen officiated. March, 2010 – Memorial Service for a Life Long Friend