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We are here on this planet to connect with and become our truest selves and to express and share our gifts with the world.

          My greatest joy is creating connections within, between and among pilgrims on the Journey to Self.  I do that as an artist and a celebrant. In all of my work, I listen with an open heart and mirror back what I see and hear, helping the speaker to know and accept themselves more deeply.

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          Here is one woman’s description of the process of coming home Self.  I'll meet you on the path...
     Blessings,  Kathleen


A bottle thrown
off a pier, boat or shore
makes its way to the
bottom of the ocean
Process takes over
Glass is broken
thrown up
against rock, coral and
pieces of garbage
mixing natural elements
with man made chaos.
Until One day
A long while later
A smooth jewel
washes up on the beach
A treasure
colorful, translucent
mysterious, amazing
“Where have you been?”

- Joanne Zivsak-Kapitan -