Standing with Tray in my shade garden. He and his crew had just finished cutting back all of the ferns, legularia and hostas. My garden that is usually lush with blooms and growth was flattened. I stood in the devastated bed talking with Tray about what else needed to be trimmed in order to put the bed to bed for the winter.

Suddenly, I realized an opportunity. Last fall about this time, we had removed 2 ailing evergreen trees. All that was left were the stumps. The largest stump was obvious- out in the open–not much but dandelions growing around it. But I had not been able to locate the small, round stump which was hidden amidst the cacophony of ferns and legularia.

“Tray, have you found the other stump?” I asked. “With the plants cut back it should be easier to find.”

Tray looked at me with a quizzical-are-you-kidding-me-look. “You’re standing on it,” he said.

I looked down and felt my feet for the first time. Indeed, my feet had searched out the inch high platform to stand on while we talked.

I burst out laughing. Deep, delighted, incredulous laughter. Tray smiled.

How often do I look for, search for, wish for something that is right below my feet? Quite often apparently.

I was shopping this week at a store I don’t visit often. I needed some dress socks or nylons to wear to a wedding. I couldn’t find them in the women’s or ladies or lingerie departments.

“Where are the stockings? “ I asked the clerk. She nodded her head toward the front of the store.  “In Accessories,” she stated softly.

I moved in the direction of her nod and scanned all of the signs hanging above the departments. None said Accessories. Puzzled, I stopped scanning the perimeter of the store and looked at the shelves on either side of me. I was in the midst of the Accessory Department. No written sign to guide me– but unmistakably, right here were the socks, stockings and tights– just what I was looking for. I giggled.

How often do I look ahead or behind me without being right where I am? Everything I need, everything I’m looking for is right here, if I stop and allow myself to notice.

Stumps and stockings were my teachers this week.

The changing of the seasons has so much to offer.  Fall is especially rich with color and change. Click on this link to see some of autumn’s beauty.!/Autumn/c/8748930/offset=0&sort=nameAsc


          Evening Light

I noticed some zinnias in my garden growing straight and tall and some bending at right angles, scraping the ground. So, with the blunt end of a hatchet, I pounded some stakes into the ground next to the bent zinnias and fastened them with strips of mesh from an onion bag.

Shortly after pounding, staking and tying, I sat on the deck to survey my handy work. The bloom that just moments ago was partially buried in dirt was now, with a little support, beaming in the light.                 

The next morning, I went into the yard to do my morning practice. And again, there was the supported zinnia…this time the sun kissing it from the front.  It’s amazing how one can shine with a little support.


          Morning Light