Boats: Canoes on Wolf Pond :Blank 5x7 Notecard Framable

Three Canoes DSC_0664 copy.jpg
Three Canoes DSC_0664 copy.jpg

Boats: Canoes on Wolf Pond :Blank 5x7 Notecard Framable


Canoes on Wolf Pond,
Ray Burn, New York

Quote on Back of Card:
"Peace comes from within the souls of men when they realize their oneness with the universe."  -Black Elk

Photograph by James B. Lewis, Jr.

Photo to the left is not accurate size. Click photo on left to see full image. This notecard, printed on linen paper and blank inside, will fit in a 5X7 frame. The watermark will not appear on the final copy.

Notecards make lovely gifts for friends, grandparents, teachers, nature enthusiasts and spiritual pilgrims.

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Most importantly, enjoy nature's beauty.

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