Here are a variety of testimonials- reactions to some of the speeches, workshops and ceremonies that Kathleen has presented throughout Northeastern Ohio. As is true for most of us,  it is a joy to have our efforts recognized and appreciated. Kathleen hopes that you too will be richly acknowledged and appreciated. Enjoy.

January 26, 2012 – Euclid High School Martin Luther King Celebration

Kathleen spoke of her college experience at a civil rights work camp during which she met Dr. Martin Luther King. Here are some excerpts from a letter that Diana Tizanno, the EHS band director,  wrote to Kathleen following the event. An article appeared in the Denison Alumni Magazine in Spring, 2011, describing the workcamp more fully.  To read the entire article, click here.

“On behalf of the Euclid High School Band, I would like to thank
you for your outstanding presentation at the Martin Luther King Jr.
Celebration Concert held on Jan. 26, 2012. Your reflections were
genuine, humble, and honest as you painted a tapestry of oral
memoirs, allowing the audience to enter into your personal encounter
with Dr. King almost 44 years ago when you were a college student
at Denison University In Ohio. I am especially grateful for the extra
time you took to speak to our band members during the dress
rehearsal the night before the concert. I appreciated your kind
rapport and engaging demeanor with the students. Thank you also
for your willingness and patience in answering their questions.”  -Diana Tizanno-


March, 2010 – Memorial Service for a Life Long Friend

In 2010, Kathleen officiated a memorial service for Lester, a lifelong friend who was an avid lover of nature, advocate for clean water, expert canoeist and loving husband and father. Lester died of cancer in March, 2010.  TOC, a friend from his group of outdoor enthusiasts and canoeists wrote the following words to one of their mutual friends who was not able to attend the memorial service.

“Lester’s memorial yesterday was just exquisite. Kathy’s pacing, and modulation of love, memories, humor, sadness, optimism, groundedness, all delivered with calming reassurance, was a personal and professional testimony to her unique skills and sensitivity. Lester was greatly loved and his death was deeply felt; like most, it was hard to accept. Kathy walked us through those emotions, and past them. She can be very proud.”

Kathleen emailed TOC to let him know how much his words meant to her. He wrote this in reply…

“I mean every word of that. Your anxious preparation was worth every bead of sweat it cost. To be any better, your remarks would have had to have been scripted. Your remark that “stories are important” is absolutely key to healing, in ways too deep to articulate. I think you have given me a new understanding of just what a Minister really is and does.”

For an article and photograph of this memorial service, click here to go to the Inspiration section.

Comments from participants in various workshops Kathleen’s presented

 A full day workshop on Multiple Intelligences at Case Western School of Social Work

 ”This workshop was absolutely great. This was fun and hands on.”
“Dr. Pichola is an excellent facilitator of learning. Non-traditional style was very effective. A great day, I learned alot.”

A full day workshop on The Meaning of Fairy Tales based on Bettlehiem’s work at
Case Western School of Social Work

“This was my first workshop and I found it very knowledgeable and enjoyable.”
“Very interesting and rewarding day.”

A full day workshop on Realistic Body Image: A New Paradigm for
Center for Human Services

“Practical applications very helpful.”

“Everything was very helpful- I got in touch with my own prejudice.”

A full day workshop on Ritual for Tri-C, west campus

“Kathleen again please, on any topic of spirituality, counseling, humanitarianism. She’s great!”

“Kathleen is wonderful! I am encouraged, excited, intrigued and happy!”

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